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Social Wurks Media + Design offers all aspects of affordable branding for the small business; around the Chattanooga, TN market, or around the globe.

  • Social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

  • SEO (search engine optimization) for an existing or new site.

  • Ready for a responsive website (one site adjusts to work on most screens from desktop to tablet to mobile) design.

  • Want to launch a blog?

  • Need a logo?

  • Need help with Google AdWords, Bing or Yahoo advertising?

  • Press releases.

  • Shopping cart design and updates.

We offer affordable packages as well as a la carte services. You can get to the business of running your business, while we take care of your branding, marketing and design needs.

Can we help your business?

  • Need a business website designed but not sure how to choose the right one for your business? Not sure whether you need a mobile website?
  • Are you looking to develop an online social media presence but don't know where to begin?
  • Wondering whether you have time, as a small business owner, to devote to managing social media accounts?
  • Are you already dabbling in social media, but haven't gotten the response that you expected?
  • Are you confused about Branding, SEO, keywords, adwords, Facebook pages or Tweeting?
  • Do you have the following you would like on your FB page, or other account?
  • Are you interested in using webinars and YouTube to draw in and keep your customer base growing?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, and are ready to see what we can do for your business, call, email or click below for a no-cost consultation.×

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Your Small Business Solution

Designing and developing a search engine optimized website, managing your social media accounts, site updates and other branding and marketing activities takes time and skill.

Outsourcing these services makes sense because you can hire knowledgeable and skilled people who will work with you to develop a plan which fits your goals and vision for your company.

Our staff is up on the trends and platforms which change seemingly by the minute. You can get down to business running your business, while we handle all or part of your branding needs. When you outsource, you save money - you pay for the job, not the employee!

Wondering how to get started? Not sure if we are right for you?

We offer an affordable small business analysis, which will give you the information you need to plan for your business' future. We'll review what you are already doing, where you want to go, what's working, what's not and develop a strategy for you.


Give us a call, 877-745-8055 and schedule your no-cost consultation.



Is it really worth my time to put my company on Facebook and Twitter etc.?

answer: Word of mouth advertising holds more weight than just about any ad campaign. If you hear a friend saying that they had a GREAT time at such and such a vacation destination, ate the best steak at ____ steakhouse, LOVE the newest baby gadget etc. you will check it out! It is some of the most cost effective advertising available now, with the highest ROIs you will find.

Can't I just get an employee to manage my social media instead of outsourcing?

answer: Sure you can get an employee to spend their day playing on FB and Twitter while you pay them wages, benefits, vacation days and more but why? When you outsource social media, you are paying for the job - not the employee AND you get someone who has experience in promoting your business or brand around the internet. Social Wurks social media managers monitor your pages approximately 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just how much would that cost you in house?

Do you create content as well as distribute it?

answer: While some of our clients give us content to distribute, we have others in a variety of industries who hire us to create the content for them. We will do a detailed profile workup to create just the right "voice" to represent your company.

Do I need to be on "all" of the social media sites to really make my business grow?

answer: Not all of the social media sites are created equal. We can walk you through the basic differences of the sites, who they most appeal to, and what you are likely to get out of having content on the different sites. This is part of our initial evaluation.

Do I need a mobile site as well as a full website built for my company?

answer: We build responsively designed websites. This means that they adapt to the size screen that they are being viewed on, and look great on a desktop, a tablet and most phones and can therefore save most companies the price of a mobile website. In most cases, this is all your small business will need. For companies who are primarily retail based, we can evaluate your company and then tailor something that will work best in your situation. This is part of our initial evaluation.


You'd be surprised at how affordable small business branding and marketing assistance can be. We can help you grow your business while you focus on the important things that only you, the small business owner can do.

Let us do a brief analysis of your business, we'll see where you are, what you are doing and make suggestions tailored for your needs.


More questions? Give us a call, 877-745-8055 and schedule your no-cost consultation. Find us on social media, or drop us a line using our email form.


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About Social Wurks Media + Design

Founded in 2008, Social Wurks Media + Design helps small business owners all over the U.S. to find the success that they deserve by designing superb responsive websites chocked full of great SEO, creating engaging social media accounts and assisting in all phases of branding and marketing.

While we are based in the metro Chattanooga TN. area, we serve clients around the U.S.

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